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"I was referred to Jim who did a thorough inspection. He worked professionally (with both me and the seller) and set my mind at ease. It's been five years and the car still looks and runs like a champ. Thanks Jim." - Cabot Fuqua (Facebook)
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1-866-527-2435 (or Everett, WA local 425-508-7160) Call us as soon as you find a car you like! Click here to read articles about salvage vehicles and used-car scams
USING MECHANICS Most reputable mechanics can easily find major problems with a vehicle. A trusted opinion is worth a lot. Few good mechanics make "house calls," however, and can have difficult schedules to accomodate time-critical auto purchases. Our mobile on-site service is fast and we're easy to schedule. We can apply a comprehensive inspection checklist in under an hour. It takes experience and specialized training Owner Jim Shive has over 30 years experience as an auto mechanic, and was awarded A.S.E. certification as a Master Technician. Jim has specialized in vehicle-inspections since 1997. Jim was also awarded A.S.E. certification as a Frame Damage Technician. Frame damage certification is as intensive a process as master mechanic certification, a clue to the complex hidden problems of a frame-damaged vehicle. Rebuilders can replace broken parts, but experts with laser-guided frame straightening equipment can properly deal with frame and chassis damage. A backyard mechanic might use a block-and-tackle stretched between two trees to straighten a frame. We can tell the difference. We don't do repairs Even though KarChek employs Master Technicians who could fix just about anything you throw at them, KarChek does not do any repair work. This is to ensure that you're getting the most objective analysis possible. We have nothing to gain by mentioning a problem that doesn't exist. Nor do we have anything to gain by intentionally not mentioning one. It's our charter to tell you the truth about your potential purchase.

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