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SELLER SERVICES Used-car certification programs. Mercedes has one. BMW has one. Lexus has one. And they all advertise them like crazy, for good reason. Their customers like to know that the used cars they offer have undergone some sort of evaluation and selection process. Whether you're an individual selling your own car, or a dealer with a lot full of used cars, KarChek can give you the edge you need to compete in a crowded marketplace. The Inspected by KarChek Program For individuals and dealers, the Inspected by KarChek program offers sellers the same advantage enjoyed by buyers who take advantage of our service: information. We perform an inspection, provide you with an inspection report, and give you a placard that you can place in the vehicle, showing potential customers that you believe in your vehicle. You keep a copy of the inspection report and show it to potential buyers on request. Group discounts are available for used-car dealers. The Dealer Discovery Program Many auto dealerships rely on the "good eye" of a knowledgeable employee, an inspection by an in-house mechanic, and/or a vehicle history report as evidence of a car's pedigree. These methods will work a fair percentage of the time, but you can significantly increase your percentages by signing up for the KarChek Dealer Discovery program. Good eyes, time-crunched mechanics, and questionable vehicle inspection reports are no substitute for trained, unbiased, professional evaluations. The Discovery program is similar to the Inspected by Karchek Program, except that the evaluations are for your eyes only (no placards). We can set up a variety of programs, from a single multi-vehicle visit, to a regular visitation schedule with monthly billing.
There are a lot of lemons out there that look like peaches. Only trained pros can tell the difference.

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