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If you're currently looking at used cars, program the KarChek toll-free number into your cell phone! 
1-866-527-2435 (or Everett, WA local 425-508-7160) Call us as soon as you find a car you like!
"Thanks Jim for the great service. It's comforting to know that a knowledgeable mechanic has gone through my new (used) vehicle. I'll make sure to tell everyone I know about your service. Thanks again" - Dale (Facebook)
Click here to read articles about salvage vehicles and used-car scams For only $120, KarChek will examine the vehicle of your dreams and help you avoid a nightmare. When you're thinking about dropping $10K, $20K or more on a used car, you should do everything you can to find one that will spend more time in your own garage than in your mechanic's. Is it worth a few bucks to avoid a lemon? Think what the unanticipated repairs could cost if you don't take advantage of the KarChek service! Vehicle history "fax" reports are great information, but you can't rely on these reports alone. There are loopholes in the law that allow vehicle histories to be "cleaned." For example, of all vehicles that were "totaled" after fatal accidents and put back on the road, 30% had the legally-required damage disclosures subsequently removed from their titles. Whatever the vehicle's history, a physical inspection by an experienced human being will reveal the truth more reliably than a title search ever could. Multi-vehicle Discounts What if the first car you choose turns out to be bad news? Chances are, you'll be even more interested in making sure the next one isn't. With that in mind, we offer discounts on additional inspections when we find enough hidden problems with a car that you decide to keep looking. We can offer an even better deal if we inspect more than one vehicle on the same call, for example, if you find two or more cars in the same location that you like. Talk to us about it.

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