Don't Buy a Wreck.
"Thanks for the prompt and thorough service, Jim! I will recommend KarCheck to anyone who is looking at a used car." - Stephen Williams (Facebook)
If you're currently looking at used cars, program the KarChek toll-free number into your cell phone! 
1-866-527-2435 (or Everett, WA local 425-508-7160) Call us as soon as you find a car you like! Click here to read articles about salvage vehicles and used-car scams
ABOUT US KarChek founder and Chief Inspector Jim Shive is a Certified Master Auto technician with over 35 years of experience as a mechanic, including managing a corporate fleet service department and creating a private on-site auto repair and maintenance company. Jim also had four years of experience doing pre-purchase auto inspections for a nationally-recognized auto inspection service before striking out on his own. Jim holds ASE certification certificates in both auto repair and frame damage repair. More Unsolicited Testimonials from Customers on Facebook: "I can attest to Jim's outstanding service. We came from out of town and were looking to help our youngest daughter purchase a reliable used vehicle. Not knowing the Everett area and the local used car scene, Jim gave us his advice as to what was an appropriate price range for the year and milage of the vehicle we were looking for. Once we located the truck, Jim coordinated the inspection and went above and beyond by conducting the most through and complete inspection I've seen. KarChek simply provides stellar service!! I would not hesitate recommending KarChek. Jim is awesome. " - Rob Libby "Eleven years ago I purchased my first car with the help of Jim and his inspection service. When I bought it I said I intended to have it until it didn't run anymore. Jim's quick availability and thorough check saved me a lot of time and money and provided huge peace of mind especially as a young gal who knew very little about cars. Fast forward to July 2012--my old 96 prism was on its last legs and I found a great used car for sale on craigslist. I looked up Jim, got excited to see he still does inspections, and one day later, I'm now the proud owner of a sweet, little 2008 toyota corolla. Jim was as professional, timely and thorough as before and his inspection helped me land a great deal just in time for my birthday! Thanks, Jim!" - Raquel DeHoyos "I used KarChek to inspect my used Subaru. It was worth every penny to use KarChek. It gave me the confidence that I had a good deal and good car to have Jim do such a good inspection. I still have the car 8 years later. Jim Shive did a great inspection and I would use him again for any car new or used that I purchase in the future." - Kay Lakey "I used KarChek and it was well worth the investment and very reasonable price for the service. I picked up a 1979 MG and Jim Shive was very thorough inspecting this vehicle and looked in areas that I would never have thought to look. The car got a good report and made my purchase feel really good. I passed on several KarChek business cards to friends and they had similar positive results. I will use this service again. Thanks CarChek." - Tom Cowper

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